Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've made an observation about this fledgling postmodern Lutheran experiment. Lutherans are very reluctant to join the technological revolution. I've seen some of the most basic twitter users and the occasional good blog or two, but why aren't we digging deeper? Why aren't we using these tools to make ministry better? How many of your have your church listed on foursquare?

Aside from that, how are we making our worship experiences as innovative as the world around us? I consider myself as a person/minister called to stand at the intersection of the church and the world. If that is the case how can i reconcile being a part of a tradition so stuck in the past? It is my mission to find out if I can still be completely Lutheran and postmodern at the same time. In doing so I have a couple of goals.
1. Utilize technological advances at any opportunity.
2. Expand the priesthood of all believers to actually include all believers.
3. Reach out to a variety of ecumenical partners, not just Lutherans.
4. Continually broaden my education, even if it means being uncomfortable.

What do you think of the list friends? What would you add/remove? Im very interested in everybody's opinion on these matters. Post your comments and we'll talk soon!


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